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By | October 2, 2018

A free web-based email program offers to high-speed clients is called webmail. It enables you to access and manage all your messages and contacts from one place. Telus webmail login allows you access your webmail by entering username and password.

Webmail is based on next-generation AJAX technology. Having a webmail account means the user can access his emails if he has a computer and the internet.

All your messages remain centrally stored so, you can get all your messages no matter where you are.

How to login telus webmail?

It is interesting to know that the webmail may have many exciting features including photo slideshows and integrated music player etc. But the feature may vary depending on what webmail you have chosen.

What is Telus Webmail?

Telus Corporation is a Canadian telecommunication company that offers a wide range of telecommunication services and products including:

  • Internet access
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Voice
  • Video
  • IPTV television

No matter you use Outlook Express, Outlook, or Windows mail you will not be able to read mails when you are away. What would you do in the situation when you have to answer an urgent email, and you are away from your particular computer?

Telus offers a webmail feature that enables the users to access their emails if they are away. You can manage the telus.net email using Telus webmail from any computer, Smartphone, or tablet, etc.

How to do Telus Webmail Login

Steps for Telus Webmail Login

For creating a Telus webmail account, you should, first of all, create a Telus profile. Here is the process for creating the profile:

  • Create profile
  • Account number
  • Get verification code
  • Enter code

And it’s done. To register with Telus, you need an account number that will be given on your bill and service agreement. To confirm your identity, Telus will send a verification code through text or email.

How to sign in to Telus Webmail?

Now it is the time to check what steps the user needs to follow to sign in for Telus webmail:

  • Go to webmail.telus.net
  • Enter your username/address
  • Enter the password
  • Select “continue.”

What are the features included in Telus webmail?

  • Ad-free
  • Mailbox
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • IMAP and POP support
  • 5 GB mailbox
  • Ten personal email addresses per account
  • Up to 25 MB in attachments in each email
  • Message tagging
  • Auto-replies
  • Email forwarding

Recover Telus Webmail Email Address

Don’t worry here is how you can find your Telus email address:

  • Log in to “My Telus“.
  • On the left-hand side, you will see “Internet“, select it
  • Choose the “Email Tab“.
  • Your Telus email address should be listed.

With Telus webmail login, you can create personal email folders and efficiently manage your group email lists and contacts. You can change your language settings as well.

Also, the user can view the slideshow of pictures you receive. Telus webmail also offers the virus protection and advanced spam control.

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