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By | October 3, 2018

Roundcube Webmail Login: The web-based email accounts that are usually free are operated from a website. You have access to the internet connection then you can access your emails.

Well, email has become a vital part of the business communication these days. The businesses have to respond to urgent emails as quickly as possible.

So, storing the email on a desktop computer is not useful for them especially when you are away. You cannot take your desktop along while traveling.

Here comes the webmail that allows you to access your email account even when you are not in the office.

Login to your roundcube webmail

What is Roundcube Webmail?

A power-based email application Roundcube allows you to organize, send and read your emails. It offers a more user-friendly interface than other Webmails, but it does not have as many advanced features and productivity tools as Horde has.

The most prominent feature of Roundcube is the pervasive use of Ajax technology.

Let’s check out the features of Roundcube webmail:

·       Compose messages with attachments

·       Spell checking

·       Threaded message listing

·       Sophisticated privacy protection

·       Drag-&-drop message management

·       Available in over 70 languages

·       IDNA support

·       Plug-in API for flexible extensions

·       Import/export functions

·       Built-in caching for fast mailbox access

·       Multiple sender identities

·       Find-as-you-type address book integration



·       Multiple sender identities

·       Forwarding messages with attachments

·       Unlimited users and messages

·       Three Column View

·       Template system for custom skins

·       Support for access control lists (ACL)

·       Shared/global IMAP folders

·       Support for PGP encryption

·       Support for external SMTP server

·       IMAP folder management

·       Richtext/HTML message composing


Sign up for Roundcube Webmail

The user can create the unlimited number of email accounts with his web hosting at web hosting hub. Here is how you can create an email account:

  • Login to cPanel.
  • Click “Email account”.
  • You can create an email account on the next page
  • Fill the requested information
  • After filling in the requested information click “Create Account”.

Congratulations! Your account is ready.

Roundcube Webmail Login

Roundcube is one of the free webmail applications provided to the users with their hosting at Web Hosting Hub. The process to login to the Roundcube webmail account is simple and straightforward.

Here is how you can access your Roundcube webmail account:

  • Go to the Roundcube webmail login page.
  • Enter complete email address as the username
  • Then enter the password for your webmail account
  • After logging into the account, you will be given three webmail options
  • Now you can read emails and send new emails to anyone using your Roundcube webmail account.

Steps to follow for Roundcube Webmail login

Roundcube Webmail Planned Features:

  • Attachment previews
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Support S/MIME encryption
  • Admin interface
  • Browser history support
  • Virtual folders
  • Responsive skin for mobile devices
  • Advanced search over all folders
  • Online calendar module
  • Conversation view

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