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By | October 5, 2018

Optus Webmail Login: You are living in the 21st century that is all about the internet and technology. It is highly crucial for the businesses these days to respond quickly to the emails of the clients.

Well, if a company wants to win a competitive advantage over competitors it needs to increase brand recognition and having a professional email address is highly essential in this regard.

But you need to have a webmail account so that you could access your emails everywhere in the world. Make sure you have internet access and a device to access your webmail account.

Optus Webmail Account Login

What is Optus Webmail?

You can access your emails via email client as well. It will help you store your essential emails in your desktop, and you can read those emails whenever you want to.

Let’s suppose you are going out for some specific reason and it is pretty apparent that you can’t take the computer along.

How would you be able to read and respond to the urgent emails? You may miss some clients if you do not answer their queries timely. Your employees may reduce productivity because they are unable to contact you through emails regarding a particular issue.

All these issues can be solved at once when you have Optus webmail account. A webmail account enables you to read and send emails from anywhere if you have a computer and the internet.

Optus webmail is a smart way to access, store and share the essential documents. It enables you to access your email through a web browser.

Optus Webmail Login

When you are away from Optus internet connection, and you need to check your emails urgently, then login to your Optus webmail account through an alternate internet connection.

To use Optus webmail here is the procedure:

  • Go to the www.optuszoo.com.au
  • Choose webmail
  • You will be on the “login page.”
  • Enter the email address (username)
  • Then enter the password
  • Click “Login

Optus Webmail Login

That’s it! It is not that complicated to log in to your Optus webmail. If you are getting an error while logging into your account, recheck your email or password. You may not be entering the correct email credentials.

If you forget your password, then click on “Forgot my password” button to reset it.

Optus email setup using complete mail:

It is important to setup your email to take full advantage of your account:

  • Open complete mail
  • Click on “tools” and
  • Choose “account settings.”
  • Delete all accounts and other SMTP server settings
  • Click on the “add mail account” under the account actions
  • Type your name, email address, and password
  • Then click “continue.”
  • Click radio button IMAP
  • Click “create account” button
  • Next, click “OK.”
  • Select the correct SMTP as the default server
  • Then click “Ok.”

Optus Webmail Login: You have successfully created an Optus email account using complete mail. Now, you can draft new emails or read those email you have received on Optus email account.

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