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By | October 4, 2018

JustHost Webmail Login: It is highly essential for a business to create a professional email address.  You have a professional email address how you are supposed to check the emails now.

You need an email client for this and email clients come in two varieties:

  • Email application
  • Webmail

Webmail is a convenient alternative to a traditional desktop email service which enables you to access your messages via a website rather than running separate software.

Webmail is becoming indispensable for all businesses. No matter you are away from the office or on holiday, it has brought convenience to you.

Web-based email or webmail is accessible anywhere if you have an internet connection.

JustHost Webmail Account Login

What is Just Host Webmail?

A web hosting company “, Just Host,” has been around for some time. It is one of the rapidly growing hosting companies. Just Host offers three options for webmail that are:

  • Roundcube
  • SquirrelMail
  • Horde

These are built into the user’s account. Each user has the option to pick the webmail client he wants to use.

  • Roundcube:

Roundcube has the feel the users expect from an email application. It is available inside a browser. The user can use IMAP folders and import an address book.


It offers a user-friendly interface with more customization possibilities. But it lacks many of the features provided by other Webmails.

  • Horde:

Horde is a collection of online apps for collaboration. It has the extra features such as calendar, tasks, and notes but the other person you are sharing these features with also need to use Horde.

JustHost Webmail Login

To access an email account online, you can use webmail. You do not need to set up the webmail as it is online. We will show you how to log in and get started with the Just Host webmail:

JustHost Webmail Login

Method 1:

  • Open your browser and go to justhost.com/webmail.
  • Then type your email address and password in the given fields.
  • Click “Login

Method 2:

The second way to log in is to use a custom subdomain. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to my.justhost.com and login to your control panel.
  • Go to the menu option and choose Hosting > Email
  • Then scroll down to your email address.
  • Click “View Inbox”.
  • Enter your email password on the next page.
  • Click “Login”.

Method 3:

  • Using one of the options given above login to your webmail
  • Choose a webmail client
  • Copy the URL from your address bar
  • Go back to the control panel
  • Click Domains > Subdomains
  • Type a name for the new subdomain under “Create a Subdomain”.
  • Select your domain and click Create (from the drop-down menu)
  • Go to Domains > Redirect (From the main menu)
  • Elect your new subdomain under “Add Redirect”.
  • In the “Redirects To” field Paste the webmail URL.
  • Click the “Add This Redirect” button to save.

This is how you do JustHost Webmail Login. Still need help? Comment below!

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