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By | October 5, 2018

HostMonster Webmail Login: Webmail is portable and accessible anywhere when the user has internet access.  The applications that receive and send email is accessed on a website from the browser you are using.

The advantage of using the webmail is there is no setup required.  It is a great way to access your emails when you cannot install software on your school or office computer.

Webmail saves the space on the user’s computer because the emails he received are stored online.

HostMonster Webmail Account Login

What is HostMonster Webmail?

It is a web hosting provider that has been providing the services for two decades. HostMonster specializes in hosting for small businesses.

It is a part of the Endurance International Group. Endurance International Group is a collection of hosting brands for small businesses.

Well, you may not be aware of the truth that the HostMonster is a sister company of BlueHost. It means both the companies seem identical in what they offer to the consumers.

It is highly essential to gather information about the services a hosting company offers. Well, it enables you to decide whether it is worth getting the services or not.  Here are the pros and cons of HostMonster webmail:

Pros Cons
Unlimited Space & Bandwidth


No Windows-based plans


Free Site Builder


Does not guaranteed backups not


Phone Support

Free Domain


Host Unlimited Domains



HostMonster Webmail Login

The user has got an email address but does not know how to access it online. Here are a few methods we are sharing to make it easy for the users to access their HostMonster webmail account:

HostMonster Webmail Login

Method 1:

  • Go to hostmonster.com/webmail
  • Type email address
  • Type your password
  • Click “Login

Method 2:

The user can log in via a custom subdomain that redirects to the user’s webmail URL.  Here are the steps the user needs to follow:

  • Go to the my.hostmonster.com
  • Login to your control panel
  • Click “Hosting” then choose “Email“.
  • Scroll down to your email address
  • Then click “View Inbox.”
  • Enter email address
  • Enter the password
  • Click “Login

Method 3:

Here is another way to access your HostMonster webmail:

  • Login to the webmail using one of the methods stated above
  • Choose a webmail client to access your webmail
  • Then copy the complete URL (look at your address bar)
  • Go back to the control panel
  • Click “Domains” and then select “Sub-domains.”
  • Type the name of a new subdomain under “Create a subdomain.”
  • Select the domain and click “Create.”
  • Go to the main menu, and select domains> redirect
  • Then choose your new subdomain
  • Paste the webmail URL in the redirect field
  • Click “add this redirect.”

Bottom Line:

It is highly essential for the firms to have their email address at their domain name. It helps them get brand recognition.

So, Make your HostMonster webmail login account and access your emails no matter where you are.

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